Improve Productivity with Collaboration Tools

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    I notice that Trello is now part of the Atlassian suite (Confluence, Jira, Bamboo).  I quite like the Atlassian tools.

    I would be curious to know whether people find Slack and Flowdock helpful in the long run.  My experience is that you have to come up with some rules of engagement for these tools otherwise they descend into a massive distraction that sucks the productivity out of a team.  Certainly on Flowdock you can segregate messages into "groups" which does allow you to temporarily mute the bombardment of messages.

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    Don't know Flowdock but Slack. In Slack you can create channels and pretty much eliminate emails. Of course you have to agree on rules (what and when) on how to use Slack. Typically we use it for project communication which is limited in time (no more questions like : "can you forward me the email from last week where blablabla". It also allows you to communicate with people outside of your own organisation. Once you don't use the channel anymore your can archive it but still have the possibility to get it back if required. Slack is free to use for an unlimited time. Some restrictions apply but you are not forced into a 30 day trail period.

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    I use mediawiki because it is open source, has a familiar interface and pretty good support.

    Hosting and service costs are a major concern.

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    Interesting article. Unfortunately where I work most of these services/tools are blocked from everyone being able to use them.

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