Impossible to create an SQL Server function that calls an Oracle function?

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    I have been trying too many hours to create an SQL Server Scalar Function that calls an Oracle function.

    Imagine you have a function in oracle named "Stock_Orcl" that returns the stock for a product passed in parameter and you want an SQL server function (named "Stock_sql") that calls the oracle function above "Stock_Orcl".

    To make it harder I do not want to make a CLR function.

    After too much searching and digging, I dare to say that I think this is impossible.

    I did create an SQL server procedure with success. It seems impossible to turn it to a function for 2 main reasons:

    1. SQL server Functions cannot call procedures that contain exec statement
    2. SQL server Functions cannot contain an openquery dynamic statement

    has anybody any experience with that?

    Thank you,


  • Grant Fritchey

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    Yep. Impossible. You simply can't combine database management systems in this way. They're not compatible. To solve a problem like this, you'd need to create some type of service to consume the data. CLR could do it.

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    Thank you Grant.

    Just hopped to find the magic solution 🙂


  • Erland Sommarskog


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    There is one alternative. But it is worse than the CLR. You can call extended stored procedures from SQL functions, so you can call xp_cmd.... I think I stop there.

    (I think the real bummer here is not the strict design of functions  in SQL Server, but the fact that OPENQUERY does not accept parameter markers like EXEC AT does.)


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  • Jeffrey Williams

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    It sounds like maybe Service Broker would be an option here.  I think with a service broker it can be setup to call a stored procedure - where you can then use OPENQUERY to query Oracle to get the stock.

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