Import JSON in SSIS with Column Row Transformed

  • I’m attempting to modify the code on this SQL Server Central article "Approaches to Import JSON in SSIS (SQL Server 2016+) Part 2" using the methods described under “Using SQL Functionality”. I'm successfully using this with other JSON files formatted in a more standard way. However, the JSON flat file that I’m tasked with bringing into SQL Server now is in a transformed format of sorts... which list the 1st column and all it’s data, then moves to the next. I’m having trouble determining an easy method for bringing this in. I'm thinking columns need to be transformed to rows basically, but (if possible) I don't want to have to name each column/row 1 through 1000001. Any suggestions, and many thanks in advance for your help!

    The JSON looks similar to this, but with more than 1M "rows" and 40 columns, here's an example of 3 of the columns:

    {"STATE":{"0":"CO","1":"CO","2":"CO","3":"CO", ................ "1000001":"CO"},
    "CITY":{"0":"Denver","1":"Denver","2":"Denver","3":"Denver", ................ "1000001":"Vail"},
    "ZIP":{"0":"80123","1":"80123","2":"80123","3":"80123", ................ "1000001":"81631"}}
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  • Try this, but I'm not going to guarantee any performance, but at least it flattens it out

    declare @x varchar(max) = '{"STATE":{"0":"CO","1":"CO","2":"CO","3":"CO","10000
    declare @x varchar(max) = '{"STATE":{"0":"CO","1":"CO","2":"CO","3":"CO","1000001":"CO"},

    ;with cte as
    (select r.[Key], r.[Value], r.ItemNumber as GroupNum, r.Item as GroupItem, z.ItemNumber, z.Item
    from (
    select * from (
    select , Replace(Replace(Replace([Value],'"',''),'{',''), '}','') as [Value]
    from OPENJSON(@x, '$')) x
    cross apply [dbo].[DelimitedSplit8K] ([value], ',') Z
    ) r
    cross apply [dbo].[DelimitedSplit8K] (r.Item, ':') Z)

    select s.Item as State, c.Item as City, z.Item as Zip
    from cte s
    join cte c
    on c.GroupNum = s.GroupNum
    and c.ItemNumber = s.ItemNumber
    and c. = 'CITY'
    join cte z
    on z.GroupNum = c.GroupNum
    and Z.ItemNumber = c.ItemNumber
    and z. = 'ZIP'
    where s.[Key] = 'STATE'
    and s.ItemNumber = 2

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  • Thanks Mike for your response, I'll dig into this next week and see what I can make happen.

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