Import data from a file into a SQL table

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    I want to insert data from a csv file into a SQL table. The data must go into specific columns and the data in the table must be overridden. How can I do this?

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  • Paul White

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    That's all I've been doing for the last few weeks. I have a number of csv files (all of which are different) that I need to extract data from and store in SQL. Some of the files contain rows of comma delimited variables. Some have rows that consist of variable name, data, variable name, data etc...Some of the files contain many differently formatted rows that I have to pull data from. SSIS handles all of these without too much trouble. I went through the tutorial below and it told me most of what I needed to know. What does your data look like?

  • Steve Cullen


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    You can also use the import wizard. Right-click on the database in the object explorer. Select Tasks --> Import. From the there, the wizard will guide you. Behind the scenes, it creates a SSIS package which you have the option to save if you wish.

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