Import csv file into existing table where 1st row has sep=,

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    Hi, I have a csv file that has the value "sep=," in the first row and the header in the second row.

    I can import it as using the flat file wizard however that doesn't allow importing into an existing table.

    The data import task allows importing into an existing tables but i can't figure out which options to change so that it ignores 1st row (with "sep=,"), takes header from second row and then data in following columns.

    Any ideas?




  • Phil Parkin

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    I don't use the data import wizard, but if you know how to edit the SSIS package it produces, you will see that there is a property called 'Header rows to skip' on the connection manager for the CSV file. Changing that from 0 to 1 should do it for you.

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