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  • In today's issue of SQLServerCentral (4/4/2019), the topic is "Rebuilding SQLServerCentral".

    At the bottom of the email, I saw a link for an article I clicked on: "From the SQL Server Central Blogs - Disk Space and SQL Server":

    The images display fine with Internet Explorer (Version 11.0.9600.19204). However, the same images are missing in Firefox (Version 66.0.2) and in Google Chrome (Version 73.0.3683.103). I am not an Edge user, so I don't know how the article appears in Edge. The images also display fine on my iPhone (Safari).

    One can see the images in Firefox, by clicking on a small icon shown in the upper left corner -- I guess this is a full sized version of a smaller image. Is this an issue with just this article, or a more widespread issue with how articles render in different browsers, especially with the recent migration of SSC?

  • So the major part of the issue here is that the blogs themselves serve the images, while the content is pulled from us. We actually pull the feed, which is HTML. The blog sends us the image code and we display that.

    The problem is that these blogs are http and we are https everywhere. Chrome and FF changed in the last year to not pull mixed content when the main site is https as a security measure.

    We're debating now how to fix this for ourselves. We may require https for blogs or we can pull in the images, but it's an architectural decision.

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