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  • I am being asked to overlay text objects to a government form for a client. Unfortunately, I am having massive issues with the image not re-sizing to fit the standard 8x11 paper size, it's way too big. Has anyone had such luck with resizing an image down or has code to help with this? Any suggestions or help is immensely appreciated.

  • I think you should be able to change the "sizing" mode of the image and then adjust the width and the height.

    For example, if your page layout is 8.5 x 11 with 1" margins, you can select the (too big) image, open the properties window, select "Fit Proportional" as the sizing mode, and then set the width and height to 6.5in, 9.0in.

    If it is a really large image file it would be a good idea to resize the image using photoshop or illustrator (or a similar photo/graphics program) so that the size is the same or slightly larger than what you need.  That will decrease your rdl size and speed up rendering, etc.

    Let me know if I'm not making any sense.  😉

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