Image from URL

  • I think this should be simple to do, but I have not discovered how to yet.

    I have a URL stored in my DB, I want an image to load from this URL

    Anyone know how to do this with RS?

    I really want to avoid using BLOBs if possible...





  • Where do you want the image to load?  In a web browser?  Into another field of your DB?  Need more info.  If the former, output your stored URL as the SRC attribute of an IMG tag.  If the latter, there are scripts and components that help you upload images.

  • I have an image control on the report, the choices for source are embedded, external or database. In the BOL they make mention of a fourth choice 'web' which is what i want - but it seems that they might have left this functionality out of the released version???

    It seems crazy that they would not provide some method for using a URL for the source of an image for a report....

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