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  • I found a whitepaper on SQL Server 2008 full-text search. Very detailed:


  • The term stopwords of a stoplist is actually an old concept for words that can not be used for an intended task. Some one might need to correct me but there are words that are not allowed in SQL or in Sybase that use to be called stop words. And again there was a stop list and you had to maintain it by hand etc.

    So is this really a return to an old name and not the addition of a new name?


    Not all gray hairs are Dinosaurs!

  • Guess worked......

  • Nice straightforward question and answer.

    Of course the SQL 2008 terminology is a bit mixed - although it's clear enough that "stopword" and "stoplist" are the preferred terms, the documentation for 2008 is still fairly liberally spattered with the old term "noise word".


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