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  • I have a text file import that receives multiple files from multiple servers. I would like to start a DTS process when the last of the files is complete. I thought of running an if exists DOS script (if not exist then exit, if exist begin the import) and repeat the task every 20 minutes, but the files are big and can exist for a while before the ftp process is complete. Is there a way to test if they exist and are complete? The file size will vary for all files daily.



  • try to rename file before doing if exist. If file is still downloading you wouldn't be able to rename and if exist will return false until renaming of the file

  • Hi there,

    If you are using SQL Server 2000, you can include in your DTS package the FTP task, do the import procedure, then add a precedence to the next task of your package. This will make the first task of your package to wait until the "new" first task -FTP- will finish. If you have more than one servers you can add more than one FTP task with their precedence contrains that will run SIMULTANEOUSLY.

    Another way is to use a new DTS package, do the FTPs there, and then use the execute package task to start the package you already having.

    Hope this helps



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