Identity Values

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    +1 🙂 thanks

  • manik_anu


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    nice question..... 😎

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  • Dineshbabu

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    Nice question.

    From the explaination I understood even duplicate values can be generated using DBCC CHECKIDENT.

    Desire to learn new things..

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  • Koen Verbeeck

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    Great question thanks. I vaguely remember seeing a similar QotD once, but it's quite some time ago.

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  • sqlnaive


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    It was a basic but very good question. I was in little confusion over the second value but when concentrated, got it right and earned 1 point. 🙂

  • ajit.ghule

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    Nice Question.:-)

  • Lokesh Vij


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    Good one. Thanks!

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  • Gazareth

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    Good question, this behaviour could be a gotcha.

  • (Bob Brown)


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    Thanks the great midweek question.

  • Raghavendra Mudugal


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    Simply the best. thank you for posting..

    (even though got the wrong answer, and really not sure why i considered the check-box as radio-buttons and then clicked only 101... and then #facepalm)

    ww; Raghu
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  • Thomas Abraham


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    Thanks for the question. Always good to highlight things that have surprising behaviors.

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  • Vinay Kumar


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    Good question. In hurry i picked wrong.. 🙁

    Vinay Kumar
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  • Bob JH Cullen


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    OK. I got it wrong because I tried to apply what I thought was sensible logic to the choice of the second value. Can anyone explain why SQL uses such bizarrely inconsistent behaviour?

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