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  • I came across the Insert Default Values when I taught a SQL class, many years back. It was an odd way to start a chapter on data modification statements. It is mostly useful for trivia contests, to be honest.

    The best explanation I can come up with, for where it might be used, is in a situation -- like a call center -- where you want to latch an identity, but don't have enough data to fill in the blanks. There might be some uses around logging, but usually there is more to be recorded.

  • Note that

    insert into TableName default values

    should not be confused with

    insert into TableName (columnName) values(default)

    The latter of which is not valid for an identity column.

  • I can't picture ever using this knowledge, but learning it is still cool.

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  • gezz,, I am missing the point of this. I thought the User needs to insert data ?

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