Identity Crisis: Attack of the Clone

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  • Nice question - required carefully reading .. but that is how the QOD should .. so again nice question.

    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


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  • Nice question with nice explanation.


  • Great question!

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  • Good Question,


  • Simple One i just need to read the question and answers carefully 🙂

  • Excellent question !

  • Nice question but this one almost had me because of the extra comma in the CREATE TABLE part of the query. When there wasn't a distractor with an error message to address that issue, I assumed that the creation of the table would have to work with the extra comma.

  • too simple.

  • Nice question.

    One niggle: asking people to assume that a schema is valid when a table doesn't have a primary key may encourage a very bad habit if some of your audience don't know any better. Maybe "pretend" would have been a better choice of word than "assume".


  • A question that enables most people to get the correct answer after some careful thought is by no means "too simple". Especially as over 1/3 of respondants have got it wrong.

    For me this was close to a "Goldilocks" question. For some it's too hard, for others too soft, but for many, it's just right.

  • Won't the create table statement fail due to the comma after the last column name?

  • sread (5/11/2011)

    Won't the create table statement fail due to the comma after the last column name?

    I just tried it on my machine and it ran fine. I do remember this being discussed someplace as being legit and someone mentioning that they have made a practice of doing to make it easier to add columns (one less thing to forget).

  • Excellent question and better explanation.


  • Really good question


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