• hello Beautiful people as the topic says i want to install IBM INFORMIX ODBC DRIVER 64 Bits version but i cant find it anywhere i even uninstalled my ibm informix odbc driver package from my pc and re-installed it again to check if i missed something to checkmark at the installation process, but even that i can only install the 32 bit version as the picture shows:




    now i did a little search on the web and i noticed IBM INFORMIX drivers seems to be only for ODBC 32 version but i checked the odbc drivers in the server i use at work and i saw this miracle:


    its the IBM INFORMIX ODBC DRIVER 64-bit version!!!  does anyone knows where can i find it or what to do to install it? i already checked on ibm webpage of course but im open to any suggestion or ideas, thanks!



    but I think you need a login - possibly under the contract your company has for Informix


    or you may be able to use a third party driver - possibly

  • u.u the second options doeskin seems trusty , my anti-virus prevent it to start when i tried to install it, and the first option just provides the installer i already have 🙁  , i just need the Driver but the only Driver i find is the 32 bits that i already have , thanks anyways Frederico

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