I Gotta See the Code

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  • Must read question properly before answering. Missed the pick 3 😀 .... again. Time for coffee.

    Good question Andy

  • I got tripped up by the encryption bit, as I did not take the phrase "You also determine that encryption is not used in this database" to mean that the procedure could not be encrypted, rather that TDE was not being used <- I thought this was included to trick us into avoiding the possibility that the procedure could be encrypted. :crazy:

    Not complaining though, a bit more thought on my part would have left me choosing between 4 answers and from the wording this would have been the one to be excluded...so it's my own fault for being to quick to answer!

    Thanks for the question.


    select geometry::STGeomFromWKB(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  • Interesting question, thanks

    Hope this helps...

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  • Again an outstanding question. Thanks!

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  • Nicely framed QotD. Thanks Andy.

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  • [Monday morning issue... remark was useless]

  • Darn itchy trigger finger :angry:


  • 2 out of 3, oh well.

  • Good question.

    I managed to tick one wrong box (ALL) and omit one right one (just the proc).

    New resolution: I will answer QOTD only when fully awake.


  • nice question Andy..

  • Thank you for post, Andy, really good one. These types of questions... kind of remembers me taking up certification exam... 🙂

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  • Thanks for the question Andy. Knew I would get it wrong, but didn't mind, as I knew I was going to learn something.

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  • Interesting question, thank you Andy.

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  • Koen Verbeeck (6/16/2014)

    Again an outstanding question. Thanks!


    Thanks & Best Regards,
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