I can't Uninstall SQL Server 2016

  • Hi,

    I have SQL Server 2016 installed in my machine but I can't uninstall it, it doesn't appear on my Control Panel, I looked again using CMD wmic, product get name, it also doesn't appear. But I can see it, SQL Server on the services and SQL Server Configuration Management. I also tried using CMD "softwarename".exe /uninstall.

    All other SQL components are there, like SQL Server 2016 Client Tools, DMF etc. I also tried uninstalling all of these components and it doesn't help.

    How can  I uninstall SQL Server on my machine?

  • Have you tried using the installation media to do the uninstall?


  • Has it been installed by some other application, maybe? You can package it as a pre-requisite. If so, I expect you'd need to either uninstall or modify the other application.

  • This has been always a problem..

    Unless you absolutely need to uninstall it, you can just install a new named instance, and forget about the not (fully) uninstalled the previous one..


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