Hypothetical disk failure on tempDB with multiple Luns

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    I would like to lab this out but i do not have the hardware available at the moment.

    but lets say hypothetically i had the following setup.

    1 SQL 2008R2 server with the following disk configuration.

    - OS and SQL binaries on servers internal Disks Raid-1

    - Raid Card 1 with external disks raid-0 for tempdb file1.mdf

    - Raid Card 2 with external disks raid-0 for tempdb file2.ndf

    - Other disks for Database and log files (not important for this question).

    the question is... let say the server is running fie and a disk fails that is storing the tempdb file2.ndf

    what happens?

    does SQL see that it can continue to run using the TempDB files that are still available?

    does SQL get weird then shortly recover on its own running off of one temp file?

    does SQL jut go downuntill the issue is fixed?

    what about if the file1.mdf is not available is that a perment failure if the ndf is still available?

    any insights on this would be great.

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    I believe SQL Server will no longer be available - or, at least it will have problems.

    Not that I have had multiple files on separate LUNs where I lost one file, but I have lost the LUN for tempdb and SQL Server will crash. Once the LUN is available, the you can restart SQL Server and it will come back up.

    Note, if you lose a LUN for just a few seconds - that is enough to cause SQL Server to fail. And once it fails, the only recourse is to restart.

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