hwo to identify service accounts in 2008

  • We are trying to idenitfy custom, domain based network service accounts for sql server 2008 before setting it up on the servers.

    How would we acheive this? we already setup a domain for 10 users and provided them with their credentials. as of now they are using 2008 on their local machines. we need to setup a development enviornment and that is where we need to identify the custom & domain based accounts.

    woudl appreciate the help.

    Also when setting up the db is it advisable to delete the custom accounts?

    Noli Timere
  • You should first create a Devlopment users group account in your domain, add your developer users to the group as member. Creaye another DBA Group and add the DBA members to this group. Now install a SQL Server on server machine which can be accessed by all developers. Create a rule on SQL Server based on developer need and add the domain devlopment group as member. This will give the developers the required access to SQL Server.

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