huge number of .tmp files in ...\MSSQL.2\OLAP\Data directory

  • Yikes, I've just seen that I have 990 .tmp files in my OLAP directory, but am unable to delete them: names like: {FF2B1939-12E2-11DD-8E48-00909675C5CE}.tmp.

    "Access is denied" - I cannot delete them, although I have no apps open that would be potentially accessing these files. How do I delete them? Is this normal or do I have a virus?

  • That's normal operation. I believe it's related to the cache operations in MSAS. There's no virus involved here.

    I think you can safely delete them if you really want to (I have before). To do it, you'll need to stop MSAS. It'll start recreating them, as it builds up it's cache.

  • OK, that's good to know. It's interesting that you have been able to delete them. I checked on their security settings and they are owned by "SYSTEM", so they cannot be deleted by a logged-in user (me). They appear to be locked. Did you have to change any settings in order to delete yours?

    Thanks so much!

  • No, but it was some time ago and I had full access to the box. I've ignored it since then.

  • I'm the Administrator on the machine in question and I cannot wipe them out because only "SYSTEM" can do that. Each time I access the dataset of an SSRS report that is drawing on OLAP cube data SYSTEM is generating over 100 of these .tmp files. This is pretty catastrophic. Any suggestions on how to delete these files? Even a directory scan cannot open them, they are super-locked (I've closed all apps on the machine). This seems like a bug in AS?

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