How to you bill your business users for database usage?



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    I work for a large company that has many different business units. The IT department bills the different business units to cover costs for servers, licences, support etc. In the past the different business units had their own set of sql servers which made billing easy but means we have lots of servers. We are now looking to consolidate to reduce overall costs but it makes billing more difficult. Do you bill your business units for sql server hosting and if so how? Based on database size or usage? How do you cope with very small databases - do you charge for these?

  • Andrew Hatfield


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    Jeff Alexander has a link to a Microsoft IT article describing how they recently consolidated their SQL installations.

    MS provide services via the Compute Unit and Storage Unit. With SQL Server, they have created a SQL Unit.

    Check out the article - it has a number of interesting points.

    Andrew Hatfield

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