How to work with ChatGPT in Visual Studio Code

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  • Hey Daniel, I was excited to see your article. I immediately got into VS Code, then to Extensions to add ChatGPT. My question is, which ChatGPT extension do I install? There are several extensions named "ChatGPT", and many of those use the case icon.

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  • Does this extension upload your code (even temporarily), or does it all run directly on the client?

  • Yes of course. Definitely do not use this for any proprietary code. Aka anything you do for work.


    There's another article this morning about Samsung leaking code because of ppl dumping code into chatgpt.

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  • Unable to get it to work, when hilighted, rt click, chat gpt explain it wanted some tokens, tried following instructions on the chatgpt readme and made sure had a key and entered the tokens and it says ChatGPT Failed to refresh auth token Error 403 forbidden. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin and same error.

  • So a beginner does not need to care about making mistakes in their code as ChatGPT can correct them? It is so much like Google Search where you type "golemap" and it converts to Google Maps.

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