How to uninstall/rollback SQL 2000 Sp4

  • Kumaran Govender

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    Hi All,

    Just been handed a query to rollback a production SQL Server to SP3a. The server is running SQL 2000 Enterprose Edition with Sp4. The upgrade to Sp4 was done over 4 months back and we need to retain changes to users SQL accounts that have been made during this time. Worst of all, I do not have a backup of the Sp3a version of the system databases . Does anyone have any bright ideas?

    Thank you in advance...

  • John Mitchell-245523

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    The only way I know is like this:

    (1) Script out your logins, jobs and so on

    (2) Back up your user databases

    (3) Uninstall SQL Server

    (4) Install SQL Server RTM

    (5) Apply SP3a

    (6) Restore your user databases

    (7) Generate a script to drop and create the users in your user databases

    (8) Run the script so that the users are created with SIDs that match the server logins

    Good luck!


  • Al Cook


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    You can not uninstall an SP in SQL Server.

    I would have done the same as John stated.

    But, what is the reason that they want to go back to SP3a?


  • Kumaran Govender

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    The customer decides that after 4 months of the server being in production, the application has an issue with SQL2k Sp4. It seem to me a badly designed app. Most probably a development team without a DBA, thinking they can design and optimise their DB without the need of a DBA...

    Supprisingly , they do say that it is compatible with SQL 2005 but this is "not confirmed", they said the exact words when we were installing Sp4...

  • NielsGrove

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    I can easy follow Al.

    It's my responsibility as a DBA to secure the data, and the security issues handled in SP4 are too grave to allow a roolback to SP3a.

    Management (the top) has to sign off!

    This is not a technical or an application problem - it's a business problem.

    /Niels Grove-Rasmussen

  • Brookstone


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    Just curious... Did you rollback to SP3a and if so, what was your experience?

  • Kumaran Govender

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    Not really, we eventually upgraded to SQL 2005.

    On the flip side, I did try this in a lab by manually changing DLL's and so forth and reverting to old system DB's and using SQL Compare to change any structural changes on the user DB's. I eventually gave up after a few months due to time constraints but I would say I was about 90% there.

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