How to transfer Maint Plans (chkdb,reorg & so on) from one server to other

  • BIDS Tx. Jobs task doesn't work as maint plans don't get tx. to the target MSDB db. I have had issues in importing packages to the target server, Is there any other way, I have got 4 servers where I need to tx. them to, & thought if there is a easier way.

  • Any solution or trick for this?


  • Hi,

    If you have installed Integration Services on the server, you can connect to the instance and export them and the import them in the other server.


    Jose Santiago Oyervides.

  • Hi Jose,

    Link for the issues I am having with IS export.

  • Here is the process I use:

    1) Create maintenance plan in SSMS as template. Create all sub-plans, tasks, etc...

    2) Open BIDS and create new SSIS package

    3) Add Existing Items to new package - import from SQL Server where I created the SSMS template.

    4) Once the packages have been imported into BIDS - then we can modify certain aspects of the plans. Note - making further changes can cause issues.

    5) Change Local Connection to point to target server (DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME - only change the properties to the point to the target server).

    6) Modify each task that needs to be modified - for example, backup task - modify destination folder if needed, cleanup task - modify destination folder, etc...). Note: do not try to add tasks or remove tasks, this can be problematic.

    7) Save Copy As - select target server, specify maintenance plan folder and give it a name. If there is already a plan with that name you need to delete the previous plan first.

    This works as long as you are saving the plans to a SP2 or greater instance (actually, the minimum should be 9.0.3054, anything less than that will cause problems).

    Jeffrey Williams
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  • I can try the above process next time, step 3 is still the issue tho, can't export pkg coz of the error, anyone knows what the error is about, for now I have manually create maint plans on all servers.

  • I will try this next time, think will work:

    1. Use GUI or dtutil to copy all packages from one server to other.

    dtutil /COPY DTS;"msdb\maintenance plans\testdtutil" /DTS "msdb\maintenance plans\testdtutil" /SOURCESERVER server1 /DESTSERVER server2

    2. Use BIDS tx. jobs utility to tx. the jobs.

    3. Check & modify jobs on destination as necessary.

  • I tried the above, tx. maint plans & tx. jobs, Modified the jobs - gave error while executing, Modified maint plans - gave error, better just to create new maint plans.

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