How to take backup & restore for one table?

  • How to take backup & restore for one table?

  • There is no option in sql server to backup the single table using backup command...but you can use DTS or BCP to copy the data and generate the table script...

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  • That's about the only way in SQL2K. There are third party tools, like LiteSpeed that will allow you to restore a table (or other objects) individually but I don't recall if you can backup individual objects (I don't believe so). I agree with MohammedU, DTS or BCP are probably the easiest (read cheapest!) way to go.

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  • there is command to take back up of table

  • Not in native SQl 2000 or SQL 7. See the prior posts for the solutions for these platforms. Also, if you have a solution, please state it. Simply writing "there is command to take back up of table" isn't helping at all. Show a script or be more decriptive as to what the point is that you're trying to convey. Thanks.

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  • Can you put the table into it's own file group and just run a backup on that filegroup?

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  • Absolutely. That's also a good way of doing backups of VLDBs, especially if using native SQL. Allows you to slice it and dice it to meet your business recovery needs. We had a manufacturing environment where we knew 2/3 of our tables were relatively static and truly only needed to be backed up weekly. They were put into their own file group and backed up accordingly. But our inventory tables were constantly being updated and needed nightly backups. As the database grew, this was the best way to ensure we had what we needed. Then we went with a third party tool and it all became moot - full backups of everything nightly. Look up "BACKUP, filegroup backup" in BOL.

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  • Right CLick on database


    -Generate Scripts

    -select a database

    -Choose script options

    (select the script data option set to true)

    -and proceed further....

    finally you can have the table structure coding along with the data.

    (These steps for sql server may use this tips for other version)

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  • Hi SSCrazy -

    In that case, please explain about the filegroup restoration chain..:-)

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  • 5 year old thread. Please post new questions in a new thread. Thanks

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