How to Setup/Configure AlwaysOn Availability Group in SQL Server

  • Hi,

    I am learning how to setup and configure the AlwaysON Availability group and have couple of questions.

    1 - Is it possible to setup/do this  on single  windows machine. I wanted to do this on my own lab which has 2 named instances running.

    2 - Do I have to install Windows clustering services before I do this.

    3 -If NOT, then what is a good PRACTICAL way to learn how to setup and configure AlwaysOn Availability Group in SQL Server?

    Please share any best practices or let me know how did you learn setting this up when you did not have a TEST clustering environment setup.


  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Firstly, are you running SQL Server 2008? I ask because you posted in the 2008 forum section but I think Availability Groups were introduced in 2012. I could be wrong.

    The options available to you will depend on which version you are running.

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