How to set up a zoom in the browser

  • Hi all,

    I have a problem with zoom option in SSRS.

    I published my report on the SSRS Report Server.

    After that I open it in GoogleChrome and when I go to the browser setting and change the zoom (for example 100 to 120) - my parameters are shifted.

    When I zoom in screen and then open the parameter, and then scroll the panel, the drop-down parameter remains in place or can be in another place. Can I change that? Take a look at screen (Now I open parameter A and I see drop down menu on the another side):


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  • First step, make sure your web browser is fully up to date.

    I just tested this in both Chrome and Edge (both at the latest release version) and zooming in or out does not cause my dropdowns to shift around like that.

    As it appears to be a rendering issue, the problem is likely not going to be solved by the server side tool(SSRS), but by the end user tool (the web browser).

    If everything is up to date, I would try disabling all extensions as it could be an extension is screwing that up on you.

  • Hi Brian,

    Did you test this option (on the screen)?

    Because I have just updated all my browsers (Edge, Chrome) and nothing changed..

  • I did test it (on the screen) in Windows 10, with SSRS 2016 and Edge version 89.0.774.54 (Official build) (64-bit) as well as chrome Version 89.0.4389.90 (Official Build) (64-bit).

    Now I am wondering if it is the SSRS version as you are on 2012 and I am on 2016 (didn't notice this previously).

    I wouldn't expect that to make a difference as it appears to be a rendering issue (which is a browser issue, not a server side issue), but maybe they have some back-end style changes between 2012 and 2016 that cause weird issues with the dropdowns?

    As much as "upgrade" isn't an ideal recommendation, 2012 is out of support (as is 2016), so upgrading to a supported version may not be a bad idea anyway.

  • Brain,

    my SSRS Report Version is © 2016 Microsoft, Version 13.0.5026.0

    and the last version of the Chrome.

    But I'm working on RDC - Windows Server 2012 R2

  • Not sure then.  On my system, I have SSRS 2016 running on SQL Server 2016.  If memory serves, SSRS 2016 has its own web host and doesn't rely on IIS like it did with older versions (again, this is from memory... I started SSRS with SSRS 2008 and I am pretty sure that had IIS running as the back end but I could be completely mistaken).

    If you are using an RDC into a Windows Server 2012 R2 server, it could be related to scaling not sending data back and forth between the different rendering agents (browser + RDP) correctly.  I would try it without the RDC and/or from a different OS (such as Windows 10 or any desktop based OS rather than a server based OS).

    That is unless I am misunderstanding what you mean by "working on RDC" which I read as a "Remote Desktop Connection".

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