How to set parameters on an output file?

  • My pipeline pulls records from SQL tables and put them into files in a data lake. I want the file names to reflect the schema and table names of each table. I have a Copy Data objects within an If Condition (if there are records to be copied), in side a For Each object (for each table in the list). I pass my schema and table names to the Copy Data object using @{item().SchemaName} and @{item().TableName}. This works for the Copy Data object. I need to use those same values to pass into the destination object's file name so that my filename looks like dbo.CustomerTable20220525.csv, or some variation of that.

    Using these exact variables, I tried to set them in the filename parameter using:

    @concat(dataset().SchemaNamE, '.', dataset().TableNamE, formatDateTime(utcNow(),'HHmmssfff'),'.csv')

    But the values don't come through and my file name looks like this:


    I also tried creating Pipeline-level variables and setting them with the Item variables but got this:

    The expression 'item().SchemaName' cannot be evaluated because property 'SchemaName' cannot be selected.

    Can someone tell me the syntax of how to reference the Item() in the For Each loop or a pipeline-level variable? I have already set up two Set Variable objects to set the pipeline-level variables I created to the respective Item() variables.



    Learning something new on every visit to SSC. Hoping to pass it on to someone else.

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Output parameters are the parameters that are fetched from the response of a service call. These are formatted according to the attributes you configure for the output before displaying on the device. The service parameters have a scope and data type attached to them.

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