How to set MaxRetries value reportwise SSRS

  • Hi All,

    I've created one application which dynamically creates report from a datasource and deploys in the reportserver. The application creates subscriptions, scheduling for the report and all working fine.

    Now i want to know whether we can set maxnumber of retries value in the rsreportserver.config file for the report that i create through program.

    I mean, can i set MaxRetries, SecondsBeforeRetry values reportwise?? Sothat if any failure in sending notifications for the report, it will retry for that manytimes.

    I think changes in rsreportserver.config will be applicable for all the reports in report server. Is there anyway that i can set the above mentioned values reportwise??

    Please let me know if anyone need more info.



  • did you find solution to this. We are running into same issues

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