How to see the content of an .sdf file?

  • Here is an SQLCE newbe question:

    How to see the contents (tables indexes...) of an SQLCE .sdf file (the database file)?

    I can see and handle the "normal" SQLServer files (mdf, ndf files) by attaching them in my EM and see them.

    But it doesn't work with this file format.

    There is an isqlw20.exe file in the SQLServerCE directory but it on wants to run in an emulator or something like this.

    Any hint?


  • Sorry I haven't had a chance to play with SQLCE but are you saying your trying to attach to .sdf with EM from desktop or within CE device.


    See if this helps any

  • Basically what I want is to see and optimize the database within the emulator. Once it's fine I have to copy ot to the device.

    My problem is that I don't know how to copy and see things to the Emulator

    Anyway thanks for the link. I will read trough carefully to see if it can help me


  • The emulator generaly uses a root path within your PC where you can copy files onto and vice-versa. One of the most generaly used directories is ':\Windows CE Tools\*XPTO*\*XPTO2*\Emulation\...' where *XPTO* is the platform of the device you're developing for and *XPTO2* the kind (version) of the platform (the quickest way to find it is to trace ('find file') your app executable within your PC - you'll probably find two of them, one in your develop directory and the other on your emulation directory) ! This is if you're not using the .NET Compact Framework to develop your app : If you're using it, this question doesn't fit because the .NET Framework and Compact Framework have all the builtin objects to easily do this for you This is, you can connect and replicate (or copy ...) your SQLServerCE databases (wherever they are) at any time with ease and both from the Pocket App (.NET Compact Framework) or the Desktop App (.NET Framework).

    Hope this helps ! ...

    My best regards to you all ...

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