How to Schedule a Job in SQL Server Database Creation Script

  • gyani


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    I want to create a Job scheduler in SQL Server 2008 that should be create a log in text file and stored in some other drive automatically. So for that I think I must need some script. So may be you can give me the right suggestion to resolve my issue.


  • LutzM

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    You could use a WINDOWS scheduled task calling a bcp out command with a trusted connection.

    Regarding details for bcp please see BOL (BooksOnLine, the SQL Server help syste usually installed together with SQL Server).

    Another option would be using a SQL Server job and xp_cmdshell but that should require additiona lsteps to avoid making xp_cmdshell available for every user (which would open a security hole of unknown depth).

    A third solution would be a SSIS package called.

    I, personally, would use either the first or the second option.

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