How to RoboCopy backup files between servers

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    Can anyone explain the process of How to RoboCopy backup files between servers.

    In my case i want to send the backup files from local server to a remote server for storage and want to create a daily schedule.


  • Todd Engen

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    Usage information for that utility can be displayed by typing three question marks after the name.

    ROBOCOPY /???

    For a single file copy it would look something like this; where SERVER1 is the source and SERVER2 is the destination.

    ROBOCOPY \\SERVER1\MyShare \\SERVER2\MyShare MyFile.bak

    The above could be placed in a batch file then scheduled using scheduled tasks.

    Here's a command line example of setting up a new task to run daily at 11:00pm as a specific user.

    SCHTASK /Create /SC DAILY /ST 23:00:00 /TN MyTaskName /TR myBackup.cmd /RU mydomain\myusername /RP *

  • carlos.campos-hidalgo

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    I use the follow sentence:

    Robocopy e:\mssql\backup\bkAP.bak \\DestinationServer\f$\mssql\backup\bkAP.bak /MIR /SEC /Log:c:\temp\bkAP.log

    The parameter /log if because I have a script that check if the robocopy has finish OK.

    I hope that this POST results OK

    Carlos Campos

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  • poldi.rijke

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    Also check:

    Quick and Dirty DR Solution Using Robocopy[/url]

  • garrybrownn96


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    I would like to suggest you, try Long Path Tool program to resolve this issue.

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