how to retrieve from database crash

  • if i did n't specify auto grow option to my database

    i)what will happen to my database.

    ii) if it crashes how to retreive from it



    balaji ramanar

    balaji ramanar

  • In access?

    Keith Henry

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    Keith Henry

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  • You posted in the Access forum, but I'll answer as though you meant SQL Server.

    You can't do a restore unless you have backups. Autogrow has NOTHING to do with backup and restores.

    If you don't allow autogrow, your database won't grow when it needs more room. You will have to manually grow (resize) the database before you can add any more information to your tables.

    For example: your database is 100MB and it currently has 98MB of data. You want to INSERT some data that will need 5 MB of space. The database 'refuses' the data because it would go over the 100MB limit (it needs 103MB). So, the INSERT fails. The database doesn't crash, the transaction just fails and does a rollback.

    So, you need to ALTER DATABASE to increase the size and then re-run the INSERT.


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