How to restore sqlserver 2005 db on Sql Azure.

  • Hi All,

    Could any help me any way by which i can transfer/upload data of sql server 2005 not 2008 to sql azure?



  • A simple Google search turned this up.

    Looks like there are several ways to do it - the following is a copy and paste from the hyperlink:

    Migrating Databases to SQL Azure by Generating a Script of an Existing Database

    To migrate an existing SQL Server database to SQL Azure you can export the schema as a Transact-SQL script and then execute that script against SQL Azure Database as follows:

    Export a script from SQL Server Management Studio and set the appropriate export options. Because SQL Azure Database supports a subset of features found in SQL Server, you may have to make some modifications to the script before you are able to execute it in the cloud.

    Execute the script to create the schema in SQL Azure Database.

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