how to restore database when the whole database is crashed including Master database

  • Good morning,

    Thank you Very Much

    but the bad thing is i dont have the Master Database BackUp



    Mr.brian Kelley

  • you need to be a little more specific, the term "crash"  means nothing.

    • Do you have backups
    • do you have intact mdf files
    • what caused your problem

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  • If you have lost the server but you have backups, you will first need to get another server with SQL Server installed, then you will need to restore the lost databases from backups (.bak & .trn files).  You can use the instructions on Books online ..> Backing Up and Restoring Databases.  With this process a new Master is created so you will lose all jobs, Maintenance plans and DTS Packages. 

    If you have a backup of the Master database you can follow the procedure to first rebuild the Master database on Books online --> "How to rebuild the master database (Rebuild Master utility) " then restore the other databases.  If you are able to rebuild the Master you will not lose jobs, DTS packages, etc.

  • I'm going to have to piggy-back on Colin:

    what caused your problem

    That's a really important question as it helps determine the right answer. Also, if you haven't solved the problem (i.e. bad hardware which is flaky), you're going to likely find yourself back in this same mess.


    K. Brian Kelley

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