How to replicate from ODBC-Unix(Progress) to SQL S

  • Hello,

    How can I assign the ODBC Database(Progress) on UNIX as publisher and SQL Server as subscriber. When I use the Enterprise Manager, I cannot see the Unix Server. I just can see the server and database in DTS.

    Would you please explain the steps?


  • The only I can see that you could make this work is if your Progress DB supports replication to a SQL 7 subscriber - if it does, then you would it's management tools, not EM.

    If you want to see the Progress DB from EM, then you need to set up a linked server - if (and I dont know) there is a provider that supports it.


  • Haven't tried it that way, but I know that you can do merge replication from SQL to Access, so that is one way you could do it. Access has its own replication code, you might want to look at its capabilities.


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