how to really patch a 24/7 always on

  • hi guys,

    i have a 2 node AlwaysOn. i need some confirmation on the step on how to keep the service still up while u go about patching it.

    1. all backup are up to dates.
    2. switch from automatic failover to manual
    3. verify sync is ok
    4. patch secondary replica
    5. reboot secondary replica
    6. switch AOGP to secondary replica ( as a primary replica)
    7. switch from automatic failover to manuel
    8. patch secondary replica (previously is in primary replica)
    9. reboot secondary replica
    10. failover AOGP back to the original node
    11. switch failover group from manuel to automatic

    just wondering is there a glitch or any disconnection from the applications services when i do a failover of the AOGP?

    my data-transfer mode is synchronous-commit.




  • The failover will cause disconnects on the application side. That's unavoidable. However, the overall down time will be very small. In flight transactions will be lost. All committed transactions will be saved.

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