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  • Hi Experts,

    This is the extract of the book from Teo Lachev, Applied Power BI.  I am trying to follow.

    I have SMMS but never had SRRS, never used it. I was not able to find Sql server Installation center so I proceeded to install stand alone. I could now figure out how to get SQL server Installation centre but not able to find SRRS, I have installed setting up every menu following youtube.

    Please can you help me with the following questions:

    1. How to know, invoke SRRS which was successfully connected to SSMS yesterday ?
    2. Should I have to install this again via SQL server Installation center ?
    3. The point 4 below, How to connect to the instance of Analysis Services Tabular  from SMSS ?  Note I have already installed Visual studio too.  Is Analysis Services Tabular different to Reporting services ? Do I need to install this separately ?

    here is the extract from the book "

    1.Analysis Services is a component of SQL Server so make sure you select it during the SQL Server setup.

    2.Navigate to

    3.Download the file and unzip it.

    4.In SSMS, connect to your instance of Analysis Services Tabular and restore a new database from the file.

    5.On the same page, download the file

    and unzip it.

    6.In SSMS, connect to your instance of Analysis Services Multidimensional and restore a new database from

    the *.abf file in the appropriate file folder depending on the edition (Standard or Enterprise) of your Analysis Services Multidimensional instance.

    7.In SQL Server Management Studio, connect to your Analysis Services instance. (Multidimensional and

    Tabular must be installed on separate instances.)


    Please advise

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