How to print Report in Landscape view?

  • Hello,

    I am having a hard time printing a SQL Report in the Landscape view.

    At present the company has a report in MS Word and the second page of the Word document is a Landscape page and when you print the report it automatically prints it in the Landscape view.

    Now I am trying to convert this report into SQL Report. I have designed the report in the Landscape view ( Dimensions 11 X 8) but when I print the report it stills print it in portrait view and Not landscape.

    Any Ideas?

  • I just figured out that If I give a page size of 29cm width then I am able to print that out in Landscape view, but the issue comes when I have this report as a subreport, then It only prints as Portrait as the page size of the main report is only 7cm.

  • That is correct. Unfortunately in SSRS sub-reports inherit the page orientation of the parent report.

  • Here is a link to a Connect item requesting functionality similar to this. You should go and vote for this item. Microsoft definitely takes Connect entries seriously.

  • We had a similar situation with linked reports. Linked reports do not inherit the page width and height of the parent report.

    Our page settings are done properly, but if you view the report as a linked report, it switches back to portrait.

    We contacted Microsoft in a support call and they confirmed that this was the issue. And that they would hopefully get it fixed soon.

  • Yes, linked reports have a problem. See the following two threads on methods to get around the problem and correct it.

    We now set the page size properties when we create and/or refresh the linked reports as we create the linked reports via .Net C# program.

    However, I've also successfully used the Reporting Services Utility (RS.exe) to set the page size properties. See for the technical details of RS scripts.

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  • i have a solution to this

    go to the database for reporting services

    and open the dbo.Catalog table and update the PropertyField attribute for the linked report record with the original PropertyField content of the base report record

    for example

    the original value for the linked report are


    but the new value should be


    i get this value from the original record of the base report in the same table.

  • Hi.

    You can have a try of RAQ Report. With it, you only need to set it in the dialog box as shown below:

    RAQ Report: Web-based Excel-like Java reporting tool[/url]

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