How to move PROD SQL Azure Singleton database from one subscription to another?

  • We have our production database (Azure Singleton) up and running in Azure. Due to a few security vulnerabilities found, we were asked to move that into a new subscription. The size of the database is about 200 GB. Obviously we need to move our current production database to the new subscription. Before that we would like to run a full suite of tests for which we are looking to have a replica of our production database in the new subscription. Given the size of the database we are finding a lot of limitations

    BACPAC export/import is one of the options, but it not only takes a lot of time to export to a storage account and import it to the new server from there. Microsoft also says that for the duration of the export, the database is expected NOT to have any chnages. It essentially means we need to be completely have a downtime. This is not possible in our case, especially for such long period.

    Is it possible to create Geo-replication to our new subscription so that the DB is populated without the current production being down? Once it is synced up, can we turn Geo-replication to that new node off and use the DB as a stand-alone? Is that a possibility at all?

    The ultimate idea is to move our current production database to a new subscription with very little or no downtime to our current production system. A point worth mentioning is that both these subscriptions are in the same region.

    Any inputs from experts will be highly appreciated.


  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • I don't have experience with it, but it seems you can move resources between subscriptions.

  • It IS possible to move the databases, HOWEVER, review the documentation found here:

    Start here: Link 1

    Then go here: Link 2

    More importantly, read this disclaimer:


    A database and server must be in the same resource group. When you move a SQL server, all its databases are also moved. This behavior applies to Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse databases.


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