How To Mess Up An Interview

  • Well done sushila

    Hopefully last past on this - I'm not gonna bother quoting and rebutting other people's statements like I feel I am personally being attacked, because I'm not.  Some see one point of view, others obviously another.  I agree to disagree - I often do on such matters and hope we can have agreement for disagreement from the other camp   haha - no camps, just one SSC community after we stop posting to this thread!

    We should ask the guys at SSC to close this thread so I can stop getting emails in my Inbox about posts which I just have to read - curiousity gets the better of me dammit!!   

    Truce all?

  • That's f**kin' Bulls**t 

    A good blue streak can be as creative as a Shakespearean passage, and just as welcome.

    aka "Paul"
    Non est ei similis.

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  • I looked back to see Sean's other posts on this site and now I clearly remember him.  Seems to me that his "articles" are merely him venting about his latest irritation.  None of them had anything useful in them and most were offensive in some manner.  Sean, why don't you just have these discussions with yourself while you are driving instead of calling yourself a writer!  I mistakely thought I might learn something from them.

  • Sean, you ROCK, dude.

    I knew you were gonna catch it for the "that's so gay" comment.

    But mostly because I have been overloaded with political correctness in the past decade or so.

    Still, some of y'all just REALLY need to get a life and lighten up.



    go ahead.

    we'll wait.

    aka "Paul"
    Non est ei similis.

    Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. ~ Albert Einstein

  • Great article, I think the bunch of you complaining are taking things a little too seriously, lighten up and laugh like the rest of us.

  • Poor at best, speaks loudly regarding your persona.  I had respect for you, I am not sure anymore.

    By the way, a 'God Bless You' statement is not an attempt to win someone over but to wish that person blessings from what the person believes is the creator of the universe.  Is that so bad?

    God Bless You!


  • I think everyone is being a little hard on the author here. The views and contexts of the author are just that. I did not necessarily agree with everything, but I was not in the least bit offended. Although out of context and/or derogatory perhaps for some, I was delighted to receive a rare chuckle from the “jar of peanut butter” comment. Though perhaps not the place nor audience for it. I have honestly read/heard/seen worse in some of histories great works and feel that some of the comments directed at the author in this forum surpass the ugliness (however little there may be) of the context and views he expressed.


    Badgering and attacking someone for an honest and open view, that has a willingness to share experience and knowledge freely with others, instead of providing appropriate guidance and constructive criticism is shameful.

  • I rated this article on the low side for very simple reasons. The article covers very few points germane to it's stated purpose, and the author devotes most of the text to a topic (cursing) that has no place in an interview. I agree that pushing your religious beliefs, or politics, or your side job selling Amway, have no place in an interview. But that could have been stated more clearly and with more tact.

    Student of SQL and Golf, Master of Neither

  • Just to throw in here.

    First the keys are no matter what you should never use a word consdidered profain event if the interviewer does it. Quite simply put many interviewers pay attention to this even if they do it. In fact I have been told by some folks they will do this to see if a person wil tend to tag along, especially if the job is such that you should be a leader. Another thing that stands out is when a person does make comments that are considered religious in nature and then swears. It is an obvious sign the person has no real convitiction to what they express to be their beliefs, Sunday christians as the expression goes.

    Now as for religious comments "God Bless You" and such, this get's tricky for the interviewer and can be grounds for lawsuits. No matter your opinion you don't have the right to be offended nor can you base your decision based on this. The equal employement opportunity laws in the U.S. expressly forbid using religion as a determining factor. You may not agree and may think it unprofessional, but if you ever get caught you and the company will find yourselves in a courtroom. Tred very carefully when this sets foot in your path.

    Interviews are more like selling cars than antyhing else.

  • Quite honestly that had to be the worst article I have ever seen posted on this site. The article did not cover the topic at hand well at all and appeared to be a way to take pot shots at areas the author doesn't like and exhonorate himself from the responsibility to respect others with his use of language in the workplace. I am glad that my workplace is intollerant of foul language, in interviews and out of them.



    “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose” - Jim Elliot



    I like your articles ..and good stuff on ...I laugh my A$$ off all the time ..oops Did I tell A$$ ? oh Yeah!! and I forgot god SUCKS

    hope some fellas might hate my postings....

  • I rather enjoyed the article.  Sean, your pieces here are worth reading.  These circle jerks can't get there head out of there b**t long enough to see that your opinions and thoughts are only to bring up conversion within the forums.  This post started good.  A lot of people in here have made it worse.  It wasn't you, it was the critics.

    By the way, Clustered GUIDs SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!  Those that use them should attend Kelan Delaney's or Kimberly Tripps Performance Tuning courses.  Why they are at it, try Ken Hendersons architecture and internals courses.

    I would hate to miss a good columnist for SQL Server Central.  You do good work and for the rest of you, I am stunned that anyone would take this article and completely blow it out of proportion.  As a DBA for 10+ years and a team member, what ever happened to "Positive Criticism?"  Would you ever respond to your own team members the way that you responded to this article.  The people here at SQL Server Central are team members to each of us.  We use there resources to obtain knowledge, code, articles, and anything else that helps us perform better.  I know that I have gained a lot of my knowledge from trial and error due to many articles, discussions, and Question of the Day.

    Keep writing Sean.  It is your responsibility to bring up opinions and facts.  Look at the news.  Don't let this post and the negative critics dictate the material.

    If you don't like the article, then don't like it.  No one asked you too.  If  you did, then enjoy it and remember that cursing is objective but be careful when doing so.  Religions notions should be minimal or not vocalized at all.  And be gay ("Happy")



  • thanks greg... that just made my day...

    i am working on the next installment now, but sometimes it takes a while to get posted.  steve has a lot of submissions to get through...

    i want to ensure you guys though that the next piece won't be anything like this one... i've toned it down a lot...

    i've cut it down to 1 ritual sacrifice, and 2 sex acts with farm animals... i've also cut down on the language to only make fun of crippled asian  jewish-catholic nazi lesbian hookers with toe fungus.

    see, who says i dont write to my audience...

    sean mccown.

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  • I used to have much higher regard for than I do now.

    I used to visit SSC every morning (as I do other sites -SSWUG.ORG, etc.) to get useful SQL Server news and information.

    Now, I am addicted to this circus of a thread to see if SSC will exert any editorial control whatever.

    If someone says something in a publication that is insulting and the audience informs the speaker of the insult, the appropriate response is to apologize and issue a retraction - not attack the victim of the insult (or allow others to).  This is ridiculous.

    I don't think SSC will be a part of my daily routine much longer.  There are many other good SQL Server sites that are far more professional.


    Chuck Boyce



  • This article was a joke and it had nothing to do with interview.  However I did agreed on one thing.

    "OK, I hate to burst your bubble, but everyone isn't a Christian, nor does everyone want to hear religious expressions at work. Whether your interviewer is an atheist or a Buddhist, coming to talk to him about a job is no time to be a witness for anyone but yourself. You're there to sell yourself, so keep the 'God bless you' and the 'Go with God', and the 'I'll pray for you' crap at home. "

    Religious and cursing definitely should not be part of the interview.  I had at least over 50 interviews (probably more) in my career life.  I could say something about interview. 

    1.  Make sure the job is not posted for those H1 people seeking PR.  Their lawyers could find anything in your resume to discredit you no matter how good you are better than their clients.

    2.  Some company posted (liked mine) the job but actually they already had someone (their friend) in mind for the job, so no matter how good you are, you are doomed.

    3.  Sometimes I find some people interviewed me had such a low IQ, they can't even think up to your standard and think some decent question to ask you.  So it is better off that you don't even get the job.  You don't want to work with people claiming they are computer professional while they don't even know how to spell 'Computer'.  In my company there are so many people claiming they are SQL Server experts while 90% of them don't even know how to spell 'SELECT'.  Worst of all, some of them are outsourced from India because my company want to save money, you can't yell at them and you can't fire them, and you need to learn to listen their 'Engrish'.

    4.  If you have good technical skill, I am sure you can interview well if you talk straight with the interviewers (consider if they have the same background.) To tell the truth sometimes I think 'LUCK' plays a big part.




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