How to make ERD design for image below between section and lab and courses and instructors and days&time

  • I need to make ERD database design for university database

    my details as following

    table year and table department (one to many)

    Every year have more departments(First year has more department as Information system and Business admin and English trade)

    table department and table section (one to many)

    Every department has more section(meaning department information system has more section as G2,G3,G5,etc)

    But remaining relations cannot know how to represent it

    my questions

    1- Relation between labs and sections and courses and instructors how to represent it .

    2-how to represent time and days in database design

    my interface i need to do database design for it as following picture


    G3,G2,G5,D4,G6 Represent sections and every section can take more courses in more lab

    every lab can take more courses for more sections

    every course can made in more lab

    every lab can have more courses

    every instructor can give more courses

    and every course can given by more instructor

    Actually How to represent relation between section and lab and courses and instructors and days&time as following image

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  • I know, old post, too bad I missed it because its a familiar topic for me.

    Here's the hierarchy I got used to when I was in education:

    - departments, like your CS department, Business department, etc. Under departments you have:

    - programs / curriculums, make sure you have effective dates, students might stay enrolled in old versions of curricululum models. your curriculum / program model contains:

    - courses, this is the definition for work needed for a course. make sure you have effective dates here also, ie., course definitions change all the time but you need to retain history. Since courses are DEFINITIONS of course work, actual instances will be:

    - sections, these are _instances_ of courses, a section occurs in a semester / quarter, where a course remains a DEFINITION. since a given section might have lectures and labs, you'll need a list of:

    - meetings, this is where your scheduling and facilities use are defined and instructors assigned.

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