How to learn Azure (practical) when not using it actively at work?

  • Hi,

    As question implies. I want to learn cloud computing (I am data analyst by title) but don't know how much can I learn from free $200 that Azure gives?

    Also, if I want to make career switch to more lucrative job, how would I show practical experience when I don't use it at my current role?

    Note: my company has Azure but the issue was that sandbox request was never entertained. Tried using databricks for pyspark but they shut down the resource saying it needs to be assigned to cost centre.

    Are there learning 'paths' type courses for Azure (scratch to de/ds azure) besides microsoft?

    Lastly, how much weight do certifications hold when applying for jobs?

    I currently have experience in following: Python, SQL (self-learnt, waiting to find a job still to apply it), VBA, JS/HTML/PHP/CSS, M-Query.

    Thanks for answering.

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  • Like anything else, practice, practice, practice. Create a database in Azure SQL, then figure out how to access it, how it gets backed up, how to restore it, build tables, add data, all that sort of stuff.

    One place to start is right here with the Stairways series above. There's one on Azure SQL Database. There's also one on Azure Data Factory. There might be a couple of others.

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  • Thanks a lot. Was looking for this practical series.

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