How to install these components?

  • Hello experts,

    I got a request to install the following components on an application server. I've asked the client what they are needed for, but I also wanted to post here in SSC to ask what these are and how to properly install them.

    I read a couple of the download pages and some of these components seem to require still other components as a prerequisite. Also, some seem like older versions.

    Finally, is it even possible to install only SSIS on an app server? Sorry if I sound confused - that's because I am, lol.

    .NET Frame Work 4.0 Extended

    Core XML Services (MSXML) 6.0

    Microsoft SQL Server Native Client l Microsoft SQL Server System CLR Types

    Microsoft SQL Server Management Objects

    Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)


    Thanks for any help.

    -- webrunner

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  • SSIS is a licensed software (SQL Server license) - so in order to install it you will need to pay for its license.

    you can install SSIS - but it will install all its dependencies - does not required a database instance if you don't need SSISDB (likely not on this case).


    I would query the vendor WHY they need it.

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