How To install SSRS in Share-Point integration mode on 4 ancillary app servers

  • I recently received a request here at work to:

    -- Install Reporting Services (SQL 2014) in SharePoint-integration mode on the 4 SharePoint application servers that will run the Reporting Services service application.
    -- For a multi-tiered farm, this should be done on all of the application servers for both scalability and availability.
    -- It is assumed at this point that the application servers have been joined to the SharePoint farm.

    FYI -- so far, I've successfully installed SQL Server 2014 Standard edition w/ Reporting Services (includes Sharepoint-integration mode) on MACHINE1 but I'm not familiar w/ installing these 4 ancillary Reporting Services pices on MACHINE2,3,4,5.

    Can anyone point me to a good artical on HOW TO do this? Any direction here is greatly appreciated.

  • have you checked the requirements to make sure you don't need enterprise edition?

  • so far so good.. and I used this solution: 
    Multiple parts:
    – installation of Reporting Services in SharePoint-integration mode
    - installation of the Reporting Services Add-In
    - installing and starting the Reporting Services SharePoint Service (optional, depending on the installation process)
    - creation of a Reporting Services service application.


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