How to import Excel with XML

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    I have an Excel sheet that I have to import into SQL Server.

    It just has 3 columns, with one that looks like XML to me. Now I will admit I am not an expert with XML.

    The columns are something like this:

    Note: The column with  Acct Info below has what I believe is XML

    Question: How can I import this into SQL server.


    Account ID --> 1234     

    Act ID  --> 12456

    Acct Info -->



    <Seller>The house</Seller>



    <PaymentHistoryDescription>good deal</PaymentHistoryDescription>







    <OriginalLender>Bobs house</OriginalLender>




    Thank you

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    What happens if you import it the same way you would any other file?  If you need the individual values in the XML separated into their own columns, import into a staging table and then split them out from there.  Search for "sql shred xml" if you don't know how to do that.


  • itmasterw 60042


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    Thanks for the reply.

    I am not sure what happened but yesterday it would not let me import it, but today on another machine it did.

    I will look into splitting it as you suggested.

    So I think I'm good here

    Thank you


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