How to free table space

  • Juliet20120

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    You can run Truncate table to free space.

  • miksh

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    Oksana March (10/23/2010)

    Miksh, I am trying to understand this better, why was dropping and recreating the table not a desirable solution that you left as a "last resort"? I ask because we drop and recreate tables all the time, it causes no problem.

    The table was replicated to several subsrubers so I had to re-init the replications which caused downtime for them (note that we have a real-time data system)

  • miksh

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    Juliet20120 (10/25/2010)

    You can run Truncate table to free space.

    Juliet20120, please read the entire post.

  • miksh

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    Seraj Alam-256815 (10/25/2010)


    Did you run "sp_spaceused @updateusage= 'true'"? Hope it fixes.

    Alternately, pl try below;

    Create a filegroup and aleter table to move to the new file group.

    Then again move the table to the original filegroup and remove the temporary file group you created.

    This long process is because you do not intend to drop/create an empty table.

    I have noticed such problem in SQL 2000 where ntext data type existed and it did not releases the space from table. But the scene was different there as the space were shown in "unused space" which is not the case here. I had to follow the second approach which worked for me.

    Thanks for suggestions. Next time we'll try it. So far, we are good.

  • Johan Bijnens

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    miksh (10/21/2010)

    After working with Microsoft the workaround was found:


    Thank you for the great feedback.


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    I tried many things to reclaim deleted data that were recommended but without success (this was due to the nvarchar(max)/LOB_DATA 'bug').

    Eventually successfully managed to reclaim 17GB from a 30GB database using:


    Use a SELECT INTO statement to transfer the whole table to a new table in a different database. Truncate the original table, and then run a DBCC SHRINKFILE statement. Transfer the data back to the original table.



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