How to fix 'metadata could not be determined error in SSIS OLEDBCOMMAND'

  • Kannan Vignesh

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    I have an ssis package. In one data flow task, i am using oledbcommand task to run Stored procedure

    eg: exec adminstroedproc ? ? ?

    we have recently upgrade the sql server to 2017. Earlier it uses sql server 2008.

    Earlier it was working fine in OLEDBCOMMAND. After up-gradation it throws an error. When i executing this stored procedure directly in SSMS it's running good... But when i calling this stored procedure from OLEDBCOMMAND Task getting error message saying that

    " The metadata could not be determined because select statement in procedure uses a temp table.

    unable to retrieve destination column descriptions from the parameters of the sql command."

    I tried with global temp table and using with result sets as well. But still getting error. Can you please suggest.

  • Phil Parkin

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    What does adminstroedproc  do? Or should it be adminstoredproc ?

    Is it returning anything? Presumably not, otherwise I would suggest using WITH RESULT SETS, which is the usual way of solving this problem.

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