How To Find SQL Server Objects

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  • It seems like the Object Search (F4) from Query Analyzer accomplishes the same goal with a nice UI for flexible searching?

  • We have

    We have to appreciate this work ,this is going to be use full while we are going for development of access control portion of very large database applications.

    For object search purpose the Object Browser of Query analyzer is the best way . It allows palce holders like LIKE statement (%,?,_…) in object name filed



  • Well I didn't know about  sp_MSforeachdb, and I didn't know you could press F4 in query analyzer to get an object search tool, so thanks to both of you...



    If it ain't broke, don't fix it...

  • Per the sample script, you may want to place brackets around the ? in case you have database names containing periods, etc.  There's also a couple minor syntax problems in the example (misplaced #) and quotes being translated into left/right quotes.

  • Lot of typo's in the script, annoying.

    Hans Brouwer

  • Ashish (and all) --

    Please help.

    I saw the excellent article...


    How To Find SQL Server Objects

    By Ashish Kaushal, 2004/08/17[/url]


    ...but I am still stuck because the Sql login that I use to check for SP existence is only a member of the following UserMappings...

    public, db_datawriter

    ...and, as such, that user does not have permissions to query sysobjects, or so it seems because such a query always returns a null result..., is there a workaround?

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    -- Mark Kamoski

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