how to find out how many records were inserted into a table

  • Hello,

    I was asked today if AFTER THE FACT, could i tell how many records were inserted into a particular table. I have looked at the various dmv's but i don't see what would tell me that.. the default trace does not track inserts from what i know and i didn't have profiler running at the time. is there anyway to do this after it has happened?

    Thank you so much!

    Juanita 😎

  • Hi Juanita,

    Does your table have any datetime columns that track when records have been created?

  • Hello,

    Unfortunately it has 3 fields and none of them are date fields to help determine when added


  • If you have a backup from last night you could restore it to a separate server/database and compare the rows...

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  • good idea ! thank you !

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