How to extract string between variable characters?

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    Hi All,

    I've got a nasty column that I need to get the name part of the first email address and the name part of the second email address. For example, I would want:

    Person.Lastname and Second.Person

    From the below examples:

    b: 9/22/2020 2:50:23 PM : as : Approved

    a: 9/22/2020 1:59 PM : as : Duplicate

    My problem is that the ':' occurs sometimes 3 times or 4 times so it isn't consistent. and I'm not entirely sure how to get the name in the second email address either. This seems like a simple matter of using substring and charindex, but the inconsistent number of ':' is really throwing me off.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Phil Parkin

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    Not sure how you want the output formatted, but does this help?


    ,EmailText VARCHAR(1000) NOT NULL

    INSERT #Stuff
    ('b: 9/22/2020 2:50:23 PM : as : Approved')
    ,('a: 9/22/2020 1:59 PM : as : Duplicate');

    SELECT s.StuffId
    FROM #Stuff s
    SELECT ss.value
    FROM STRING_SPLIT(s.EmailText, ' ') ss
    WHERE CHARINDEX('@', ss.value) > 0
    ) split;

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  • Mike01


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    that's brilliant even though it feels dirty 😉

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  • Jeffrey Williams

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    If you need everything in a single row - then yes, you can use charindex and substring, along with reverse...and rtrim/ltrim to eliminate unwanted spaces.

    Declare @testTable Table (TestString varchar(100))

    Insert Into @testTable (TestString)
    Values ('b: 9/22/2020 2:50:23 PM : as : Approved')
    , ('a: 9/22/2020 1:59 PM : as : Duplicate');

    Select *
    , FirstEmailName = rtrim(ltrim(substring(e1.EmailAddress, 1, charindex('@', e1.EmailAddress, 1) - 1)))
    , SecondEmailName = rtrim(ltrim(substring(e2.EmailAddress, 1, charindex('@', e2.EmailAddress, 1) - 1)))
    From @testTable tt
    Cross Apply (Values (reverse(tt.TestString))) As r(TextString)
    Cross Apply (Values (charindex(':', r.TextString, 1) + 1)) As p1(pos)
    Cross Apply (Values (charindex(':', r.TextString, p1.pos) + 1)) As p2(pos)
    Cross Apply (Values (reverse(ltrim(rtrim(substring(r.TextString, p1.pos, p2.pos - p1.pos - 1)))))) As a(EmailAddresses)
    Cross Apply (Values (charindex(' as ', a.EmailAddresses + ' as ', 1))) As a1(pos)
    Cross Apply (Values (charindex(' as ', a.EmailAddresses + ' as ', a1.pos + 1))) As a2(pos)
    Cross Apply (Values (substring(a.EmailAddresses, 1, a2.pos - a1.pos - 1))) As e1(EmailAddress)
    Cross Apply (Values (substring(a.EmailAddresses, a1.pos + 4, a2.pos - a1.pos - 1))) As e2(EmailAddress);

    You could also use Phil's solution and crosstab/pivot the results back...but if you need the other elements then you can extend this to include the other portions of the string.


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  • C-M-A

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    Thank you Jeffrey Williams,

    The last two columns in yours is exactly what I was after.

    Phils would also work with a little bit of tweaking.

    I appreciate you two

  • ScottPletcher

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    If you need both extracted values in the same row:

    SELECT s.StuffId, ds2.email_name_1, ds2.email_name_2
    FROM #Stuff s
    MAX(CASE WHEN row_num = 1 THEN email_name END) AS email_name_1,
    MAX(CASE WHEN row_num = 2 THEN email_name END) AS email_name_2 --,
    MAX(CASE WHEN row_num = 3 THEN email_name END) AS email_name_3, ...
    FROM (
    SELECT LEFT(Item, CHARINDEX('@', Item) - 1) AS email_name,
    ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY ds.ItemNumber) AS row_num
    FROM dbo.DelimitedSplit8K(EmailText, ' ') ds
    WHERE ds.Item LIKE '%@%.%'
    ) AS query1
    ) AS ds2

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